Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I See That I Need to Update!



God has been very good to me this past year. I have been growing in my walk with Christ as my Savior. My husband and I both have been born again Christians since early childhood. We have attended a little Southern Baptist Church in a small town near where we live over a decade now. Last year my husband and I were baptized into the little church as members... We have been active there for so long. I have been one of the Prayer Warriors on the Prayer List and I have always sing in the choir. About two years ago I was blessed to be asked to manage the Flowers for all of the Celebrations and keep the proper flowers for the Seasons in and around the Sanctuary. I love to do this and God has blessed me with the skills to design and create flower arrangements and know the proper decorations on the dining tables at our Fellowship Dinners. I always have to give God the Glory for any talent that I may have. Without Him I could do nothing! We should use our talents to further the growth of the Kingdom of God! By His grace I am saved and so unworthy of such Great Love that He sent his only begotten Son to die an awful death on the cross for me and all sinners.

In early December last year I was ask if I would consider the position of writing up the "Church News Letter" and putting it in our local news paper. Pastor Jordan ask me if I would like to think it over and and pray about it. I immediately told him that I didn't need to think it over or even pray about doing this, So I told him I would like to do the church news for the news paper.

So I am like most other folks I do not have time to be sick. Sickness does come to all of us at times. I am trusting God to help my doctor find out how to help me with my very painful back. I have trusted in Him many times before and He never fails me.

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