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My Page - Christian Women Take Root!

My Page On Christian Women Take Root! I was able to purchase the book "Character Makerover" 40 days with a life coach to create the best you. So I started this Journey yesterday, October 12, 2008.

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My Brother and Me

This is my brother Richard and me taken this last July 4th week-end at our family reunion! He sure is handsome!

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Calhoun Baptist Contact and Prayer Center - Bravenet Blog

Calhoun Baptist Contact and Prayer Center - Bravenet Blog Please pray for Marty Loyd, he is in K U Medical Center and is ready for his stem cell transplant tomorrow 9-4-08! We are praising the Lord and praying for his Miracle of becomming completely cancer free.

Monday, September 1, 2008 - Passage Lookup: Matthew 5:1-12 - Passage Lookup: Matthew 5:1-12
This is where you will find the Beatitudes in the Bible.
These will help you live a better life if you apply them to your daily living with Jesus as your Lord and Savior!

Beatitudes # 1 through 8 - ClaudeansFlowers | Google Groups

Beatitudes # 1 through 8 - ClaudeansFlowers | Google Groups

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ClaudeansThoughts: STEPS TO COURAGE

ClaudeansThoughts: STEPS TO COURAGE

The Baptist Faith & Message

The Baptist Faith & Message

Calhoun Baptist Church

Calhoun Baptist Church

Basics of Salvation Through Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

Basics of Salvation Through Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

Statement of Faith

Statement of Faith This Statement of Faith is my belief system.


Today is day 19 of my 40 day Journey with NelliesCoffieshop.
The Character Makeover:

40 Days with a Life Coach to Create The Best You!

I will make a Change.

I will join a Cause.

I will start a Ministry.

I will contenue to pray that God will guide me in the direction He wants me to go in this Lifes Journey!

Love and Prayers,

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Charles and Deanie

Charles helped with some of the decorating. He also attended the comencement program on Friday evening. There was a fellowship dinner afterwards, which was called a Luau!

Shonda [ This is who I helped in VBS last week! }

We had an average of 8 to 10 students and one day we had 12 children!

'Outriggerisland' 1st. & 2nd. Grade Class

Claudean "Vacation Bible School" 08

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Thought of the Day

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding.
In all ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path. Proverbs 3: 5-6

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Wise People follow Jesus

In the beginning God created heaven and earth! He saw that this was good.